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Welcome to The Ready Set Jet Academy!

Level-up with our team of world-renowned experts, hosts, and instructors in beauty, wellness, travel, and entrepreneurship via our members-only events, global experiences, and exclusive courses available only on The Ready Set Jet Academy.

Our mission is to provide the skills and resources to live your most empowered life.  Whether it's gaining professional skills for the next step in your career, Ready Set Jetting the world (virtually and IRL), and accessing new tools to improve your life, we've got you covered through unique courses and your team of global champions.

Ready? Set! Jet!

Founder and Visionary Shalini Vadhera welcomes you to RSJ

We believe confidence is a game-changer when it comes to reaching your fullest potential. Access tools  and resources to transform your life, inside and out at the Ready Set Jet Academy 

The Experience

Exclusive Community
World-class Experts
Personal & Professional  Growth
Curated Network

Power of the Academy

We've made the Ready Set Jet Academy an exclusive community to harness the power of beauty, wellness, entrepreneurship, travel, and personal development all in one place.

We bring together world-class experts, industry pro's and game-changing thought leaders from around the world to teach you how to thrive professionally and personally! Meet like-minded members through Networking Events, Groups, and Courses to learn new skills to flourish.

Your World of Experiences 


Experience the journey of entrepreneurship from exploration to growth. 

  • Ideation to initiation

  • Growth Journey

  • Sustaining and scaling

Travel & Experiences

Customs, cultural nuances, as a traveler and for business even more 

  • Travel 

  • Experiences

  • Business/ entrepreneurship x Travel

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.32.15 AM.png

Immerse yourself into the world of beauty through make-up, skincare, skills and business.  

  • Makeup History and Vintage Beauty

  • Starting a beauty business

  • Becoming a makeup artist

Personal Development & Wellness

Embrace growth through awareness of oneself as a whole. Your body, mind and achievements. 

  • Personal branding and growth

  • Mind over body: Mental health, power of the mind

  • Fitness and nutrition

Women Empowerment

Here's where you ​ask questions that you might shy away from or wonder where to get the right answers. Get a chance to choose a mentor you have always wanted on your growth journey and you could also someday be one. 

Jet set feeling empowered, confident, financially independent as you gain exclusive skills through mentors from across the globe while being a part of a powerful community.

Meet Our Team


Shalini Vadhera,

Founder - Ready Set Jet

Hi There!


I'm Shalini Vadhera, The Founder and CEO of the Ready Set Jet.  As a serial entrepreneur, celebrity makeup artist and best selling author of Passport To Beauty to the founder of the Power Beauty Living Foundation, and a global beauty formulator, I know the power behind having the right resources and tribe to thrive.


I created the Ready Set Jet Academy for you to learn new skills personally and professionally, meet like-minded people who want to support you, and (my favorite) give you the opportunity to Ready Set Jet the world and experience unique events with the top experts globally. I truly believe that confidence is a game-changer.  


Let's Rise!

Shalini xo


Meet our team  from across the globe that has diverse experiences and has come together to create an impact for each one of you.

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