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Our Team

The Ready Set Jet Academy brings together the most powerful women from across the world. Each of these women have stepped forward to ensure an impactful journey for each of our community members.


Shalini Vadhera, Founder - Ready Set Jet

Shalini Vadhera is an inspiring serial global entrepreneur who uses her internationally renowned beauty and lifestyle platform to send an empowering message to women all over the world. Her rise from jewelry and fashion entrepreneur, celebrity make-up artist, best selling author of Passport To Beauty, favorite guest of Dr. Oz, Today, The Doctor's and The View,  to the founder of a multi-million dollar global cosmetics company is nothing short of remarkable.

Vadhera is the Founder of Ready Set Jet, a mission driven beauty and lifestyle brand that believes confident women can change the world. Ready Set Jet offers innovative products for any beauty enthusiast on the move and a powerful community driven academy that brings personal and professional tools to every girl and woman while paying it forward to create lasting impact for underserved girls around the world.  Shalini is the Founder of The Power Beauty Living Foundation which launched globally at the United Nations in 2016 and is in partnership with Ready Set Jet to create global impact for women through skilling, vocational training and livelihood enablement with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Shalini is also the Founder and CEO of Passport To Beauty, a beauty brand that brings the world’s best beauty secrets to your doorstep. Shalini is globally recognized for her award winning innovative formulations and unique packaging design.

Vadhera has been awarded The Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award at The British House Of Lords, The Woman of Excellence Award, The Oprah Beauty O~ward and The Jewel Of India Award from the Prime Minister's office and was recently named One Of The Most Influential People To Watch in 2021 by Yahoo Finance. 

Follow Shalini on instagram @shalinivadhera 


Rajul Kadakia, CEO Tech Girl, Entrepreneur and Investor

Rajul Kadakia is a trailblazing force in the tech industry, dedicating her career to driving meaningful change for female founders and women in tech. As the Co-founder and CEO of Tech Girl, she leads a powerful social platform designed to provide unparalleled support, guidance, and resources to female tech entrepreneurs, from inception to securing funding


Rajul help's girls and women in tech rise, thrive, and lead innovation, driving positive change globally.

Follow Rajul on instagram @rajulk


Tracy Vlahos,  Beauty Education

Tracy Vlahos is all about empowering modern day female entrepreneurs to have the life, body, and business they desire. With over 25 years as a leader in beauty, Tracy brings a wealth of knowledge on tips to build your beauty business, scaling your personal brand and the power of building community.


Natalie Forest.jpg

Natalie Forest, Ph.D.   RSJ Academy LeadVP of Operations at LA Tribune, RSJ Investor, "Rule Breaker"

Dr. Natalie is a Global Bilingual Intuitive Transformation Mentor, Spiritual Confidence and Self-Love Coach, International Best-Selling Author & International Keynote Speaker. She is a TV host, Event Producer and first and foremost a Humanitarian. 


Her passion is to work with women at a crossroads and guide them away from self-judgment, anxiety and worry back to calm, clarity and confidence so they can live their lives their way and have the positive impact they desire. She is also a proud recipient of the 2016 President Barack Obama Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Lifetime Achievement Award. Her passion is to work with women and girls at a crossroads so they can live their best  lives.

Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 7.20.33 AM.png

Rasa DaSilvo, High Performance Coach, Investor, Finance 

High Performance, Transformation, and Business coach...Speaker and pro beach volleyball player for Team USA. 


Through my studies from the renowned experts in the fields of human potential, quantum physics, neuroscience and high performance and through my experience as a professional athlete, I have learned that if we can master the power of our mind, our body, our emotions, we can learn how to consistently harness the true power that exists within us and live the boldest and most abundant expression of who we are meant to be.

Only by mastering how to powerfully and authentically lead ourselves, we can impactfully lead the next step of our careers and journeys. 

Eashita Maheshwary.jpg

Eashita Maheshwary, 
Co-Founder of Encubay

A creative strategist and a community builder. Eashita has a strong inclination towards networking and has actively been a part of multiple initiatives to grow the start-up ecosystem. She has always been an entrepreneur in spirit and a founder. Her first venture was when she built Goa’s (in India) first luxury hostel in 2018 to enable a strong community for creators, artists and digital nomads. She also wanted to make hostels a more community driven space in India.


Eashita took on the path to drive diversity in the start-up ecosystem in 2020 and co-founded Encubay, a diversity focused network. She closely works on identifying their obstacles and scalability requirements. She also co-founded the Encubay Angel Network in 2021 to encourage more women to enter the investment ecosystem. 

Women behind RSJ

The Ready Set Jet Academy draws its inspiration and power from some of the most experienced and insightful people from across the globe. They continue to support our mission of creating an impact. Some of them have also come onboard to join us as experts as a part of the Ready Set Jet Academy.

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